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Just wake up and go! No more brow filling-in necessary!

Come visit us at 40 W. Lake (Lake and Dearborn in the Loop)    

Desiring fullness in your brows and darker lashes without all those brow pencils, mascara and tons of product every morning?  Now you can! Alas--- eyebrow tinting and eyelash tinting are your morning-time saver answers. 

Unless you're one of  those naturally blessed folks, most of us have brows that grow at different stages so  you may have one part of your brow that’s thicker than the other.  In some case, eyebrow tinting may be a better option to help even the hair.  Eyebrow tinting helps blend your brows and help hide those missing hair resulting in a full set of beautiful brows.

At Urban iBrows, we use a safe organic, vegetable based dye made specifically for your brows and lashes to safely to give the color and fullness appearance you've always desired.  Our Specialists will first consult with you to select the right color and understand your desires. We of course recommend shaping your brows and tint at that same time to get the perfect set of brows. We do not create sharpie-looking brows or painted on looks. Rather it's a very complementary, natural look.  The tinting is often the darkest on the first day and lightens with time.  

Your brows and lashes become so vivid that they make their own statement and very natural.  We often hear clients lessen their makeup significantly because their brows look so defined that they don't need to any more.Similarly, eye lash tinting makes your lashes much more pronounced removing the need for continued mascara application. 

We even offer a special package for brow shaping and tinting to help make that it even more affordable.  The process usually takes about 20 minutes to apply, set and create.  So got 20 minutes? We've got a beautiful tint waiting for you!  Not only will you have a more fuller, pronounced brows, you'll save so much time every morning, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.