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A Threading & Waxing Salon

Urban iBrows . 40 W. Lake at the Leo Burnett Building. (Lake and Dearborn in the Loop)  M-F  10AM - 7PM ,  +1-312-265-0281

Threading is a gentle and hygienic Eastern treatment used for centuries by men and women to remove unwanted hair. Our Specialists masterfully use the threading technique with only organic cotton to create sleek, precise shapes.  The swift twisting of a cotton thread effortlessly draws hair from the follicle. It’s similar to tweezing in that it is picking up hair at the follicle. However, threading allows multiple hairs to be picked up and create sleek, precise shapes.  

The beauty of threading versus other hair removal processes is that it is product-free, safe and incredibly precise.   There are no chemicals or extra products as with waxing and there are no lasers or unregulated procedures as with other hair removal treatments. At Urban iBrows we only use the best thread and threading practices to simply wind away your hair leaving a beautiful, defined precise shape. 

At Urban iBrows, our Specialists have years of skilled training and understand how to create the perfect shape to enhance your individual features and face.  You’ll notice our Specialists do not use stencils nor do they require to draw on your face to create your shape.  At Urban iBrows,  we strongly believe as no one face is the same, no two eyebrow shapes should be either. In fact,  we believe your two brows should be treated as sisters and not like identical twins. All hair grows differently and all parts of your face have their own needs and should therefore be treated with individuality. And that is why stencils or drawing tools are never used. Instead our Specialist will consult with you to determine the best shape or your face and your goals for your eye brows. They are very experienced and have a fundamental understanding of not only threading as in the technique- but the entire practice of threading as a profession.

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