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Have a date night or a special occasion coming up? Cluster or strip lashes can give you that little extra bit of pizzazz you were looking for at a totally affordable price! Temporary lashes are a glamorous, way to achieve those darling eyes without paying an arm and a leg for true natural eyelash extension and also in just a fraction of the time!   They give an immediate elongation of your natural lashes.  But be aware, they can be addicting! Once you see how naturally long your lashes can look, you'll be back for a new set on your next special night. 

Can't decide  between strip and cluster lashes?  Don't worry! Our Specialists are highly trained to properly apply high quality lashes to frame you eyes so you get the most beautiful look. They'll help select from a wide array of lash choices to find that perfect  set of lashes for you. Then they'll custom trim, fit and apply your lashes with proper lash adhesive to give you a professional look. 

 So skip the drug store lashes and avoid all that messy glue and gunky look. Give us a try and see how naturally elongated your lashes can look and how comfortable professionally applied lashes can feel. 

And are you wondering about the Permanent lashes, also known as eyelash extensions? What's the difference? Extensions are just that-- extensions to your lashes.  Generally, a single lash is applied to each natural lash resulting in a much more elongated, lush set of eyelashes. Because a much stronger adhesive is utilized and longer application process is required, it results in your lashes lasting significantly longer than temporary lashes so you can wear them out everyday.  Still interested??  Talk to us.  We want to hear from you! 


Natural, Voluptuous, Both.... you decide!